What Is Car?

The car is one of the most useful automobiles nowadays, used for transportation. It has the capacity of people from one to five people. In earlier history, people use camels or donkeys for transportation. It took many days or even weeks to move from one location to another. But then due to an invention of the wheel, the time reduces. Therefore the wheels are known as the ‘Mother of inventions’ which also one of the building block of the car. Now move forward to our actual topic that is who invented the first car. History reveals that it took many eras to create a simple car. The car is a motor vehicle that operates based on the engine. Car specially designed to run on the road. Other vehicles like the aeroplane on air or Railway train run on rail lines.

Who Invented The First Car

History Of Car

The car is the basic idea is to save time and energy for transportation.  In early eighteen, a politician belongs to Paris as well as an inventor who invent the first car based on Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). ICE is a heat engine in which hydrogen combust and produce energy to operate the motor. It was a real invention and have much useful application nowadays, but the problem arose how we can collect hydrogen. Although water is a mixture of hydrogen, the energy require to extract hydrogen from water is much more sufficient than that of ICE generates. So this idea flopped. In the middle of eighteens, a German inventor named as Siegfried Samuel Marcus who invented the first car engine that operates on gasoline. But the problem with it that it was a two stroke power engine, in which most of the energy wasted.

Karl Benz Who Invented The First Car

After some time, in 1873 a German engine designer and an automobile engineer named as Karl Benz come forward and invent the automobile based on Petrol and Gasoline. The difference between him and the previous model was that it consumes little energy to produce high energy. After the invention of this automobile engine, he looked forward to designing an operator which have the ability to control his vehicle engine. He started to manufacture such a vehicle based on an automobile engine. In 1885, he successfully designed his first motor controlled vehicle which he named as Benz Patent Motor Wagon. It has three wheels motor vehicle just like Auto Rickshaw but with a slight difference of wheels and also engine that fixed at the back of it.

Modification Of First Car

The tasting of Karl Benz inventory was a dangerous thing because it was designed to operate on the road where people gather, walk or sit. Moreover, it can’t control collision with the wall while running it. In the early of 1886, the first successful ride took over it.  On January 29, 1887, he received a Patent for the invention of Motorcar. After that, Karl Benz invented the second model of his design with some modification. Then he again modified his design with the invention of the third version of Motor Wagon. Then the time went by, inventors changed it and converted it with the fashion of the modern era. But this process is started by Karl Benz who invented the first car engine in 1886.

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