Revolution in The means of Communication

Today communication is given priority without physical means. In the old days when letters were written to your close ones, the only means to communicate was a pen and paper. With the advancement in technology, new ideas gave birth to programming. Moreover, this idea laid a deep effect on a modern development. In the late 20th century new means of communication over the internet came into the market. In the meantime, a person from New York gave his contribution in creating successful communication media, named as Facebook. Furthermore, in 2009, two people living in South America gave birth to a new communication media termed as WhatsApp. Also, today my topic is to discuss how to WhatsApp free download for android and we will have a glance at its usage.

What is WhatsApp Messenger

 Its goodness is to give a second chance for thinking whenever you have sent the message. By second chance, I mean you can delete your message if it is appropriate for the receiver. Moreover, for this, the receiver should be offline in the meantime. WhatsApp has less size and allows video calling and audio calling over the internet. Furthermore, WhatsApp started end-to-end encryption feature, which provides more security to your personal data. Also, you can have access to WhatsApp through your browser on Mac-OS or Windows. A good feature in terms of security is that it will not work without your sim card when the number is not registered. However, in groups, the admin will have all the authority to let someone join or being removed. Moreover, your profile picture is visible to every person who is in your contact list, which can prove privacy issues.

WhatsApp Free Download For Android

How the developers passed a difficult phase in making WhatsApp a reality

“Brain Acton” and “Jan koum” are developers of WhatsApp. Koum is the founding father of WhatsApp. After this achievement in 2009, Facebook had tried to buy it for $19.3 billion, after all, it was a successful deal. Jan left Yahoo in 2007 to develop his own social application. Moreover, taking this weird idea in mind, he took a journey to discuss his idea with friends. They discussed the idea for hours. In addition to this, the word WhatsApp arbitrarily came into mind having a close relation to “What’s up”.

WhatsApp Free Download For Android or PC

It’s dependent on you whether you are using an Android or Pc, you can WhatsApp free download for android as well as for pc. To download you just have to open your browser. Firstly, visit WhatsApp suppliers. Secondly, according to your requirement download WhatsApp. Thirdly, after installing you can run it easily just like ordinary apps in mobile. But, in case of PC, the interface will be the same and you just need to turn on your internet connection. Also, when using PCs you have to connect mobile firstly with your PCs by scanning QR code provided on the computer screen. The WhatsApp web option can be accessed through mobile settings. You can use the following link: to download messenger. You can also download messenger for free using APK files. Furthermore, APK files can be downloaded from APK Pure.

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