How to Unlock Your Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops or tablets running on Linux based chrome Operating software. They are designed to functions primarily on the internet. Moreover, the device functions are mostly cloud-based and data is usually stared on clouds. Comparatively, Chromebooks are book is lightweight than the usual Windows-based laptops. Furthermore, chrome books are used for running low processing applications because they can not handle as much as the MacBook. Surprisingly, chrome books are inherently secured from viruses because each page runs on its own “sandbox” due to which one page is not affected by other pages. Chromebooks can run many Linux apps and are capable of handling a number of applications and documents which resting on clouds. Especially, they are good for students due to affordability and are robust to do almost everything you can do over the web. It is relatively easy to unlock your Chromebook. They look like normal laptops and have USB ports for the data which is not saved on the clouds. To avoid certain unlocking issues on how to unlock your Chromebook is a helpful topic.

Forgotten Password Unlock your chrome Book:

In case you have forgotten your password, you should not worry about it because you have options to recover it back. Actually, they use google account password as an unlock screen password. For this, open the internet browser and navigate to the google account recovery page. Secondly, select I don’t my password. Thirdly, enter the same email address you used to activate your Chromebook. Fourthly, follow the on-screen instructions and reset your password. In case you stand correct in your information google will allow you to create a new password. Alternatively, this can also be done using the Gmail login screen where you just have to enter your Chromebook’s email and click the forgot password button. Secondly, follow the questions and give the answers correctly. After all the clarifications Google will allow you to have a new login password.

  • Especially, before assigning a Gmail to your Chromebook, do check your Gmail recovery options and all the information which you might need in case of forgetting the password.                                         

Unlock your Chromebook using android mobile:

Chromebook can be unlocked using your android phone. Follow the following instructions: For this open the settings on your Chromebook. If your Chromebook has this feature then you will see an option of connected devices. Firstly, click the small button on the right you will see a new options window. Secondly, turn the smart lock option on and click the button. After, you are now in the new options window. Thirdly, click the option unlock your Chromebook. Moreover, open your mobile and go to devices connections in the settings area. Turn the Bluetooth option on and click the Chromebook option to connect with the device. Follow all the steps and you are done with it. After all, turn the PC off and after turning it on it will ask the permission of your phone to unlock.

Hard Resetting a Chromebook

It may happen you are trying your password to unlock your Chromebook but it is not opening. Moreover, if you have permanently forgotten your password so this can be a critical situation. Don’t worry, we have a way which may help you hard resetting your Chromebook for saving money. For this follow below instructions: Press control button, then shift button, then alt button and then r button on your keyboard. You will see a prompt named reset your device. Furthermore, click power wash and then continue. After all, the Chromebook will take some time just like android devices to renew its software. Lastly, it will ask for a new setup wizard with the previous data still saved on the cloud in case you are successful in recovering your account.

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