Types of CNC Machines, Plasma, Laser & Milling Machines

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Machines are an integral part of building the technological sector. Moreover, today the digital world is converting machines from analog to digital. The old lathe machines which are manually functioning are now driven using computers. Furthermore, human involvement has now reduced to zero in using this type of CNC machine. CNC functions using computer chips are programmable using various machine languages. CNC machines are the game-changer in the manufacturing department in terms of production time and manufacturing demand. Plus, the idea to convert from the old lathe machine to the CNC machine has reduced the labor cost. But, the operating cost of the machine is high as a comparison to the production rate. We will discuss their pros and cons and it’s on you to deduce conclusion out of it. Types of CNC machines based on their geometrical alignment are:

  • Plasma CNC Cutting Machine
  • Laser Cutting CNC Machine
  • CNC Milling Machine
CNC Machines

A Description to the few Types of CNC Machines

Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting machines cut using a fast jet of ionized gases through an orifice. CNC plasma cutting machine is the most widely used machine in the precision plate cutting process. Moreover, the newly developed cutting machines are much advanced in terms of higher cutting quality. They mostly have dust removal devices installed in frames. They have fast cutting speed with precision, smooth operation. Further, the machines have a compact and beautiful shape. The quality of the cut surface is just close to the laser cutting effect. Computer-controlled torches can cut a thickness of 150mm as compared to handheld torches which can cut up to 38mm. They use two axes of motion to make a cut as X and Y-axis. The new technology has now introduced 5 axis plasma cutting machine. Below is the video for 5 axial actions for these types of CNC Machines.

CNC LASER Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machines are very effective in promoting art as a part of technology. It uses a beam of laser to cut a pattern in a surface of a workpiece according to the design assigned to it. There are three main types of laser used in cutting machines. The CO2 laser is suited for cutting, boring and engraving. Many types of other lasers are also used for various applications. CO 2 laser is pumped using radio frequency (RF-Excited) and it is the most popular method today. In addition to this, the type of gas can affect performance as well. Common variants of CO2 lasers include fast axial flow, slow axial flow, transverse flow, and slab. Fibre laser is a new type of laser cutting technology which is greatly promoting in the manufacturing industry. Moreover, it has a spot 100 times smaller than the CO2 laser cut. video below:


CNC milling machines are the vertical machines having the tool action vertical to the flat surfaces. Moreover, the new CNC machines are working with new technologies, like automatic tool changing and minimum usage of Coolant. The spindles have speed nearly 60,000rpm. The programming languages are machine languages like G-Code. Nowadays, the new machines are coming with a low energy consumption setup. Further, the axis ranges from 2-axial to 5-axial CNC machines. The precision and surface finish of the CNC milling machine is very appreciating as compared to old milling machines. Plus, some machines are coming with Microsoft based control system. Below is the video.



Continuous usage: You can use them continuously for even a day or a year, but just to shut them down for maintenance.

Consistency: The machines produce piece after piece and do not give time gaps.

Staffing: Less skilled staff can handle the machine.

Software: The machine is programmable using top software and the designer might use some simulating software to remove the need of prototype.

Technology: The CNC machining software allows you to design that was absent in the old machines.

Management: A single person can handle the CNC machine operation.

Flexibility: The same machine can create different parts when programmed differently.


The Cost: These types of CNC machines are costly, so a downfall in their cost is good to increase their demand.

Skills Loss: The skillful workers on the old machines will lose their skills when coming to CNC machines.

Unemployment: To operate CNC machines, we need a few workers. So, unemployment may occur.

Now it’s on you to make a choice between both of the machines.

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