Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is text free app, an ultra-Customizable app alternative to your SMS/MMS apps. Moreover, its revolution is now at 10+ million strong. Furthermore, it comes with a bunch of great features, notably a passcode lock. You have a privacy option with this Chomp SMS. It will let you scheduled SMS sender, stops a text while sending, pin favourites to the top. Also in case of any wrong response, you can block the number by SMS Blocker option. In addition to this, it has unlimited customization options when receiving messages and changing notification LED colours. Not only this but Chomp has (2700+) Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS emojis including diversity. Further, it is compatible with Yappy, Pushbullet and Mighty Text for desktop notification and replies. However, it has noticeable functionalities but it contains ads which can be removed by money.

Text Free App

EVOLVE SMS, Top-Listed in Text Free Apps

Evolve SMS is a Neat android text free app and in the top listed app for texting. Moreover, it is tab-based swipe gesture supporting app to manage the messages on the Android. For the very first time when we start the app, it will give an option to archive the old messages. Furthermore, the app stores all the messages on the separate database. Especially, due to cloud-based storage, it doesn’t take much time to load on every start. Physically, the layout of the app is very attractive. The SMS thread will be automatically opened in the list of conversation and you can open the entire list. Traditionally, the last received/sent SMS stays on the top. Also, to send a message, you just have to slide the contact tab right and tap the new message to switch. You can search for any message through the search tab.  

Text Free App

HandCent Next SMS, One Of The Best Text Free App

Hand-Cent is among the best alternative of SMS messengers and a talk free app. Moreover, it is a good app with ultimate customization. Like the Evolve SMS, it has cloud-based storage and you don’t have to be worried about the storage and the length of text. Furthermore, you can use it from a computer and a tablet and a reliable guard to remain safe and secure. Further, you can personalize text message (MMS), bubble style fonts, colour, ringtone, LED colour, vibration pattern, etc. You can also search message by time and type etc. Especially, you can block any spam and unwanted messages. Linguistically, you can send a message in various languages. It features Group messaging chat, Bulk SMS, text snippets and etc. 

Text Free App

Pulse SMS App

Pulse SMS App is an alternative to SMS manager for your android. It adds a powerful web platform and you can stay connected with your conversation in an efficient way. You can access message everywhere, custom powerful and smooth and can share all sort of media. Moreover, you are working on your computer or using your tablet, your pulse will not miss a single message. You can customize the colour for all of your conversation. Further, the pulse can manage two Sims, if the dual sim is activated. Also, you can have instant previews of any articles or videos that get sent to you. In case you have a spam message or an annoying text you can use block the spammer option.

Text Free App
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