Intro to Teachers Day

  Teacher Appreciation Day is a day celebrated to give tribute to the teachers for their effort and hard work. Moreover, Student celebrates this day with harmony and write Teacher Appreciation Quotes. To give tribute to teachers a Teacher Appreciation Week is also celebrated. It was first celebrated in 1953. It is annually celebrated in the first week of May. This day is also referred to teachers day which is celebrated world widely and annually on 5th October. However, teachers day is also an appreciation day of teachers. Student celebrates this day enthusiastically in their schools, colleges and universities among the whole world. Also, they give gifts and organise functions and give honour to their best teachers and appreciate them. 

Teacher Appreciation Quotes

Importance Of A Teacher:

  Teachers are the torch barriers, they illuminate the darken parts of land with the light of education and knowledge. Also, they mould, train, build and shape the future(generations). They glorify the nation’s future with the power of their knowledge and education. Furthermore, teachers not only provide knowledge but also build personalities of their students. As the real value of a diamond is only recognised as a diamond merchant, just like that the real value, the real hidden talent in a student, a teacher can recognise. Well, known personalities in this world, all give tributes to their teachers, who make them stand with confidence and face the world.

How To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day: 

  As mention above, students all over the world celebrate this day. They celebrate this day with new ideas and surprises for their teachers. Students can give cards to their teachers. They can organise a party, or a function in their schools, colleges or universities. Along with, they can give gifts which their teachers like the most such as a watch, or perfumes and also can gift a good book or a book related to their subjects to appreciate the teachers. Teachers do a lot of hard work to give a better future to their students, to appreciate their efforts these such things are very unworthy but enough to make them happy. Moreover, the real appreciation a teacher can get when he/she see his/her student successful. 

Teacher Appreciation Quotes:

  Nelson Mandela, Plato, Albert Einstein and all other famous celebrities appreciate their teachers and write the teacher appreciation quotes for them. Also, give them the honour of making them what they are. Moreover, The process of teaching and being a teacher or student is as old as this world. Now in this modern generation, we have modified schools, colleges and universities. Besides, we have qualified staff to serve the students better and best education. The education the confidence provided by the teacher is the main ingredient in your life’s successful recipe. As Barack Obama said, “there was a great teacher somewhere in your life” who make you stand where you are now. 

Teacher Appreciation Quotes

Importance Of Celebrating Teachers Appreciation Day:

  The teacher’s appreciation day is celebrated to produce harmony, mutual understanding and love among teachers and students. To develop the good, friendly and loveable relation between them. Teachers use many teaching techniques to deliver the lesson in an easy and convenient way. They put so much effort into their work. They deserve appreciation for their efforts. This day makes them so proud to be a teacher, students celebrate this day and make their teachers happy. To give tribute students organise functions for them. Even on the global level, there is a price, ‘Global Teacher Prize’ is the prize for the best teacher in the world. This prize was given to Peter Tabuchi who is the teacher in Kenya. They are praises world widely and appreciated worldwide. 

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