Wall and Table Desk Cup Holders

Cup holders were introduced very earlier as a kitchen product for hanging or holding cups. The demand for such kitchen products kept on increasing with the adaptations of new design and cost innovations. Nowadays, when we have innovated many technological sides, we are also working to innovate the non-technical sides to enhance attraction and demand. Moreover, we have innovated many products in the market so that they keep on their survival as a demanded product. With the innovation in kitchen products, we have designed many new styled cup holders. Taking into consideration the added value in terms of cost and reliability we will discuss several new table desk cup holders and will go through a brief comparison between the conventional and the modern product.

Comparison of New- and Old-Fashioned Holders

In the old designs, we need to make a hole inside the wood to hold the hanger/holder for the cup. They disturb the beauty and add a negative impression. Moreover, it was a really difficult task to transfer these holders from one table to another. In the case of wall cup holders, we have to dig a hole to place the holder on the wall. Due to this, the beauty of the wall is disturbed and they can not be shifted to another place without plucking them out. Nowadays, innovation has introduced vacuum and spring cup holders for the table and the walls. Due to the air tightening capability of vacuum cups, there is no longer a need to drill in the tiled walls thus never disturbing the beauty. In the case of table cup holders, we use springs to attach the holder at the table boundary.

Vacuum Holders For Cup

These cup holders work on the principle of air tightening that works on flat smooth surfaces like painted and tiled surfaces. You cannot apply them on rough surfaces like cemented walls. Moreover, they can be used again and again when they are applied to a place.  The vacuum cups that stick on the walls come in different sizes for different applications. Research is being made to produce such vacuum holders that can also stick on the cemented walls.

Table and Desk Cup Holders

These holders are portable and the best solution for old-fashioned cup holders. They have special designs and are less space-consuming. These cup holders have added extra value to the already present holders in the market. Their style is new and adds new qualities as:

  • There tips attach firmly to the table top or desk and they work best with flat surfaces.
  • You can be attach it to any other extended surface.
  • You can use this when sitting outside and want to drink a coffee or a tea.
  • Their spring has large stiffness constant.
  • Save your desk space and they clamp tightly.
  • They protect your data and devices which may be unsafe while on a desk and you have a cup of drink or coffee with you.
  • The holder is a special design to hold the cup in case of any shake.
  • They have special silicon pads that firmly grip the table surface and allow extra stability.
  • It has a small hole at the bottom which can assist you charging the phone.
  • They are easy to mount at any place with the usage of single hand.
Desk Cup Holder
A Table/Desk Cup Holder

Where to find these holders?

You can find these holders at Amazon easily and in other online marketplaces. Moreover, they have different varieties and colors which you can select on your choice.

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