Subaru Forester Price And Its Smart Features

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What Is Subaru?

From the time when four wheels were used to run a wooden board-till now, a huge advancement in the self-perpetuating systems has been developed. One such example of advancement is a car. Subaru is a Japanese Car company, build on July15-1953. Subaru has a logo showing 6 stars. The logo is a Japanese word meaning “seven sisters”, and the stars on its logo are showing open star clusters. Subaru Forester Price ranges from model to model. Subaru has released five models in forester-series. Let rush to the question, why Subaru forester should be our dream car?

Subaru Forester Price

Subaru Forester Price And Its Features In Comparison To Honda CR-V

Subaru Forester has a base price of $34,295 while Honda has $32,750. Both cars are from the category of SUV. Forester has high- resolution touch screen Star link Multimedia Navigator. On the other side CR-V has satellite-linked Navigator system which offers the same functionality as Subaru, but not for the base model. Fuel economy of these two is comparable, but Forester has better highway 33mpg in comparison of CR-V’s 32 mpg. The fuel capacity of Subaru is 16.6 gallons, which can take you far as compared to 14 gallons in Honda CR-V. One of the best system in Forester is Driver Distraction and Mitigation system. Honda is also offering its Honda Sensing Safety Suite which is not much different. Subaru provides 111.9 cubic feet capacity but Honda is 105 cubic feet. Furthermore, Subaru has 10-way power Driver seat and 8-way power passenger seat but Honda has 8-way driver seat and 4- way passenger seat. Every Subaru Forester features a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine more than 1.5 liter 4-Cylinder engine of Honda CR-V.

Subaru Forester Price in Comparison to Toyota Rav-4:

Both cars are released in 2019, where RAV4 charges $1000 more than Subaru Forester. These cars are AWD, but RAV4 4-Wheel Drive is not its standard and can be upgraded. The cars are equipped with driver assist technology. However, Forester is taking an edge with its Driver focus, an anti-distraction, and convenience system. Forester has city fuel economy 26 mpg more than 23 mpg of Rav-4. Its highway fuel economy is also leading with 3 mpg. The tank capacity for Subaru is 16.6 gallons more than 14.5 gallon of Toyota. Ground clearance for Forester is 8.7 inches as compared to 6.3 inches of RAV-4.

To The Garage

After having good knowledge of above the cars, now let us decide which is better and in which aspect. Subaru engine has a large stroke than the Honda in terms of piston displacement. Subaru is a bit expensive than Honda -CRV, but the features are dominant over price. Above all, the Mitigation system and pre-collision braking are making an edge for Forester. All of the three cars have their own beauties and weaknesses, but Subaru is supposed to be the best. Fuel economy along with the technology is also smarter than the competitors. With all these comforts, along with a look of a sports car, it has All-weather package with heated front and rear seats. Subaru is taking a great margin in the market. Now it’s on you to choose what should be the priority for your garage.

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