Introduction To Sprint:

  Sprint Nextel Corporation founded in 2005, before this it was named as Brown Telephone Company, in 1899-1911. This company is originally founded in 1899, by two members of the Brown family. It is an American company, of wireless telecommunication and internet. Its main head office is in Overland Texas. From there they served the US, United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. They not only provide network and internet but also serve with mobile phones too. Which are reliable and less in price, but great in features. Sprint covers 155 countries, where they are present and providing the facilities to the people. They have amazing offers and deals for everyone, like sprint plans for seniors, Sprint 2 lines plan, 3 lines plan, 4 lines plan etc. Just to serve their customers in a better way and make them feel special.

Sprint plans for seniors

Sprint Plans For Seniors:

  Senior people are those who are 55 or more than 55 years old. These old citizens are the real gem of a nation. They are like antique pieces. Old but precious. Full of experiences, they have served their age their strength of youth for the nation, for building the nation. At this age, they become lonely and want attention or some activities to make themselves busy. Sprint helps them by giving exclusive deals. Sprint is offering one line unlimited texts, data and talk time only in $50 for seniors and for activation $30 is required. 2nd line costs $20 and in total it becomes $70. They also provide discounts for seniors, these two lines offer to give a discount of $20.

Sprint plans for seniors

Why Sprint Is Better Than Other:

  Sprint is providing the best network service with their customers and gain the trust of them. Especially the trust of old citizens. The service they are providing is the best for them. They also give new mobile phones along with their network. Old folks mostly live alone and for any purpose they need help, so the phones are the best thing for them. Along with that, they will get free talk time and internet facility too. Which might help them to get medical facility or to call anyone anytime. This all they can get in only $50 per month for one line. It is a very good offer for the users of Sprint. Moreover, they are providing the streaming data and roaming data too. So this is the best plan anyone wants to get. While other networks are lacking in these facilities.

Sprint Plans For Seniors & Its Benefits:

  55+ members or citizens can get unlimited texts, data and talk time only in $50 per month as I have mentioned above. They are offering the best plan for seniors. It is the cheapest plan they are providing for seniors. The two lines are of $70 per month. Which is the best for anyone? Unlimited data, calls, texts, Free roaming and streaming only in $70 is one of the best deal they are giving. So the Sprint is the absolute right decision 55+ can make. 

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