Samsung & Its Tablets:

Samsung was established in March 1938, it is the South Korean company. It has a hand on various things, means they manufacture a lot of products like telecommunication equipment, surgical equipment, home appliances and a lot more. But undoubtedly, Samsung is famous for its telecommunication equipment, like mobile phones, tablets and their accessories. Along with, they have launched mobiles and tablets not only for adults but also for kids. Samsung tablets for kids are very famous and popular among kids, because of their reliability, safety and strong body, which is best for kids and also good for their health. There are a lot of tablets in the market which are specially designed for kids. In them Samsung has introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung tablets E Lite are the two best tablets for the kids, moreover, they have launched the Samsung kids model too.

The Galaxy Tab 3:

  It was launched in April 2013, it is a 7.44-inch tablet,  with a display of 7 inches. Furthermore, It is an Android jelly bean operating system and has 8/16 GB internal memory and has 1GB RAM, has a single main camera of 3.14 MP and 1.3 MP selfie camera, along with that it has 4000 mAh battery. This mobile is a complete package for kids, it has great storage and has an efficient RAM. Along with that, it is wifi functional tablet. You can install as many apps as you want for your kid. Also, It is available in many different colours, as your kid likes. It has a handle, you can care about it where ever you want, and it is easy for kids to carry too. You can turn it to a normal Tab, than a kid’s Tab, just by turning off kids mode.

Samsung Tablets For Kids

Samsung Tab E Lite :

  This tablet has a display of 9.3 inches, has 1.3 Hz C.P.U speed, has the main camera of 5MP and selfie camera of 2MP, has RAM of 1.2 GB and ROM of 8GB. It is a network, wifi, 2G, 3G enabled tablet. Has battery of 5000 mAh. Also, It is a stylish Android tablet, for kids and for the parents too. You can switch off and on the kid’s mode to turn it into a normal or kids tablet. It is kids friendly tablet, Samsung carefully chooses the best for its customers. As this tablet is made for kids, it especially designed, so that it won’t affect the eyes of the kids. Its already installed apps for kids are too informational. Its 8GB internal memory also gives vast space to install other educational apps for your kids.

Samsung Tablets For Kids

Kids Mode In Samsung Tablets :

  There is a mode in all the Samsung kids tablet, and Samsung also has introduced an app, which can be installed in any other mobile or tablet, and you can turn your device as kids playground. This app has a lot of characters and cartoons so that your kid can learn a lot of things. It has educational, physical and mental games too, which makes your kid brilliant, strong and increase his IQ level, respectively. To shape his future with fun and enjoyment is the best way to raise your kid. Punishing or forcing them hard to do good, and get great marks, or to be a brilliant student is the very rude attitude towards your kid. Give them these Samsung tablets, or install the apps for kids, to increase their IQ, knowledge, and make their mind span vast. Parental control function gives all control to parents over the tablet.

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