Robot Floor Cleaner Review And Its Price

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Floor cleaner has got much importance after the installment of floor carpets in homes and any other building’s floor. The floor cleaner once used was operated manually with hands. The suction pump sucks the air inside and picks the dust particle to the bin. But now, the Robot floor cleaner has arrived in the market to introduce technology. It has much developed from its old version, made by Electrolux. That cleaner had many limitations in it before, which are now removed. Let us have a deep discussion about it.

Robot Floor Cleaner


Robot Floor cleaner is reliable technology now introduced in its new form. They are time-saving, powerful and have sensors to detect. The sensors installed are responsible for their efficient working. Actually, they are programmed very technically to work best with many conditions. Having strong and stiff brushes they have excellent performance on rough and hard surfaces. In comparison to the cleaner made by Electrolux in 1996, named as “Trilobite”, it has much upgraded till now. This amazing Floor cleaner today can satisfy the cleaning of the whole floor which was a big problem to be resolved. It works great for picking hairs and debris without any conflict or tangle. The thing which is giving an edge to this cleaner is its height, using which it can go under the surfaces which are out of reach. Above all, it has the ability to turn aside when it strikes with any obstacle. They show certain lights for the full charge, low battery, and overcharge. Its outlook is quite attractive.


The floor cleaner which was recently used in the past and still used is very common. In comparison to this, the robot floor cleaner is a good competitor. The size of recent cleaner was also big but the new one can be picked in a hand. Robot floor cleaner has a smart profile. By which, one can easily clean the surfaces under low height furniture. With the decrement in size, it also has multiple modes of cleaning. But, the old was single functioned. The use of the hand is quite painful in manual cleaner, but the robot cleaner has a wider range of sensors which can easily detect obstacles and avoid them. Using Robot cleaner we can save the time of cleaning and do our rest of work till completion. The robot is although expensive than the old one due to its new technology and its reliability.


Many companies are on the way in making robot floor cleaner. Now we will take the some best models out of them under this article. Ecovacs Deebot N79S and iRobot Roomba 960 are two different Robot cleaners having a base price. Ecovacs has a battery time of 95 minutes. In comparison, iRobot Roomba has a battery timing of 70 minutes. Roomba is best for deep cleaning while Ecovacs is a little catchy due to its low price. Roomba is quite bigger than N79S. Both of them have their Advantages and limitation but Deebot N79S is much affordable.

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