Engraved Parker Pen And The Engraving Process

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What is Parker?

Parker is an international pen company featured in making luxurious pens, founded in 1888. It was named on George Stafford Parker who was a salesman of John Holland Gold Pen Company. Parker had owned by many people, but it was once on the top in making quality pens. Between the 1920s and 1960s, before the production of ballpoints, Parker was at number one or two in making writing instruments. Established in America, the company is on the top list in making class pens. They have a variety of Pen Nibs and have used valuable techniques which can avoid excess ink loss. Also, it is available in ballpoint, rollerball and in the fountain. Jotter, Ingenuity, Sonnet, Urban, Duofold, facet etc are the names of Different pens released by Parker.

Parker Pen Engraved

Why Engraving is there?

Engraving is an ancient art continued from centuries. Although being an ancient art, it is still used today. We make a design on our doors, windows and many types of furniture by engraving technique. Also, engraving is used to write names of the receiver on gifts. We used to give pens as a gift in case of achievement or celebration of any kind. Sometimes it is good or best to write the name of that person whom we are giving the gift. The technique used here is Engraving. We can also get our
Engraved Parker pen. Many institutions are there which are specifically renowned for their engraving techniques. The best thing about the online Engraving Services is that we just have to choose our text and fonts. The pen will be delivered home.

How Parker Pen Engraved?

Pen engraving is an art which needs special care and experienced worker. Nowadays, the objective of engraving is achieved using advanced machines to obtain a nice and attractive result. A laser is bombarded on the pen surface and the inner surface is exposed. The machine is programmed in such a way that the laser will move as the operator commands. Lacquered pens have brass as a core metal. Due to this reason, they will give brass color when laser action is applied to them. Depending on the type of base metal the engraving will produce results. Each pen has a limit of words to be engraved on it due to size and shape or more generally curvature.
Engraved Parker Pen can be obtained by just the same way.

Where Can I Get my Engraved Parker Pen?

 I would like to share a website with you: https://www.penheaven.co.uk/engraving/.  Here, you can order easily if you want your pen to be engraved. Pen Heaven has three font style: Calibri, Italics, and Roman. Out of which Roman is good if you want your words to be capital each. I have a motivational video for you https://youtu.be/ol_UrKQ9gzg.  If you want to buy Engraved Parker Pen online, you should visit https://www.etsy.com/market/engraved_parker_pen.  Alibaba is also providing the service of an engraved pen. By visiting https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/engraved-metal-parker-pen.html . You can search here easily about the rates. Amazon Is also a good idea for this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Personalised-Gifts-Ideas-Ballpoint-Engraved/dp/B00KK2D2G2.   Visit Amazon and get all the required information prior to engraving. Gravissim is also a good site for engraving https://www.gravissimo.eu/parker.

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