History at a Glance

Laptops are a modish, compressed and portable form of computer. The very first laptop, founded in 1981 by Adam Osborne, and was called “Osborne 1”. Besides the advancement in technology and revolution in the computerized world, the industrial revolution requires much work to accomplish. Moreover, handling large computers, which normally occupies much space was also quite difficult. Above all, in case of shortfall of energy and a little negligence of user can cause data loss, if not saved duly. So that need came to reality in the form of laptops that works on battery and can be taken everywhere. Not only laptops have manufactured, the try to make them smarter is under practice. Moreover, many renowned companies including Dell, Apple, Toshiba, and Lenovo are busy in making quality gadgets and trimmed laptops. At this time, we will discuss Lenovo touch screen laptop and Microsoft laptop with touch screen access.

How is Lenovo Think Pad X380 Yoga with Touch Screen?

A flexible gadget made by Lenovo Think pad X380. It can be turned 360 degrees about its hinge joint. Not only, it has an attractive outlook, and also a touch screen installed. Moreover, Fast identity online- FIDO enhances security when paying bills online and it is safe and simple. Although the word Yoga has no relation with the laptop, a 360 Hinge allows you to turn it where you feel comfortable. Additionally, Lenovo touch screen laptop also has a rechargeable touch pen, by which you can draw or make annotations on the touch screen. In addition to this, X380 is form 8th generation and operating system till windows 10 is allowable. It offers 800 GB on hard-disk with a battery timing up to 13.6 hours. Additionally, Fingerprint reader, IR camera, dTPM 2.0, Kensington lock and FIDO are amplifying the safety.

Lenovo Touch Screen Laptop

Microsoft Surface 2 with Touch access

Surface laptops come with 8th generation Intel ® Core™ processor with 14.5 hours of battery timing. With 8-16 Gb ram, its storage ranges up to 1TB. Moreover, it has an aluminium casing with an ambient light sensor. Additionally, it has 13.5 inches touch screen with fingerprint access along-with easy navigation for work. This gadget comes in a number of colours and also has an attractive outlook. Back and the front camera is 5Mp and 3.5 Mp respectively. Tablet mode is also applicable in Microsoft Surface 2. Not only windows work on it, but it can run other Microsoft applications just like ordinary laptops.

Lenovo Touch Screen Laptop

Pros and Cons:

It’s usually when something has a benefit it might have some disadvantages also. It gets trouble if the disadvantages overcome the benefits. Touch screen laptops are easy to use and they are also user-friendly. One can easily run them by the hand. Using the screen this capability sometimes make us disremember the usage of the mouse. When the user is in a hurry or has much work to do, the touch screen allows working faster. However, it is much sensitive to use and screen might get scratches if not cared properly. Moreover, while using the touch screen, it will be a challenge to click the right button, when there are congested icons present. To me, it will take little time to be friendly over the touch screen but the advantages are always dominant. Lenovo touch screen laptop is a good example of the advancement in modern technology.

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