Top 10 Spanish Scorers:

The Spanish league La Liga is the one of the most famous leagues in the whole world. As we know football is the most popular game and have a huge amount of viewers, all around the world. Moreover, The list of top 10 La Liga Top Scorers is Lionel Messi, Luis Suàrez, Karim Benzema, Cristhian Stuani, Iago Aspas, Wissam Ben Yedder, Borja Iglesias, Antoine Griezmann, Jaime Mata and Jorge Molina. They are the top ten best scorers of this league. They support and worked hard to the win and for their teams. Furthermore, They all play in the different teams, some of them play in the same teams, like Messi and Suàrez, they play from team Barcelona. Jaime and Jorge play from team Getafe.

La Liga Top Scorers And Their Scores:

 On the top of the list is Messi, a well known and very famous footballer, he scored 48 goals, in which 13 were assisted. He played on the behalf of the Barcelona team, and he is the team captain too. On 2nd rank, Luis Suarez is, with 21 goals and 6 assists. He is also a very popular player in the Barcelona team. 3rd rank, is Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, with 21 goals and 6 assists, he is on the 3rd position because his minutes per goal is greater than Suarez. On 4th there is Cristhian Stuani with 19 goals and 0 assists. He is from team Girona. On 5th rank, there is Iago Aspas from Celta Vigo, with 18 goals and 6 assists.  They are the top 5 La Liga Top Scorers.

La Liga Top Scorers

Players And Their Positions:

 Starting with a performance of Lionel Messi, have played 48 matches and scored 48 goals, very recently, in this 2018-19 league. He plays from Barcelona and he is an attacking forward player. Along with the assistance of team players and their teamwork, he scored 13 goals form the total goals. Moreover, Luis Suarez and Messi are the reason that Barcelona had won the match against Atletico Madrid. They performed so well and give their full in the match. Furthermore, Suarez is a professional footballer, plays for Barcelona. He is an attacking midfielder, scored 21 goals. Karim Benzema had scored 21 goals as I mentioned above, with the rate of 7.40. He is a forward player. On the other hands, Cristhian Stuani has a rate of 7.30 in La Liga League. He is an attacking midfielder or centre forward.

La Liga Top Scorers

La Liga Top Scorers:

 As I have mentioned above the list of 10 top La Liga Top Scorers, and their stat and position in the football ground. Moreover, their performance and statistics. In addition to this, these players also play for their own countries in the world cup. However, Hard work is necessary to achieve something, these players must do hard work with a passion that we are counting them in top scorers. Hence, in the football game, the teamwork is required to win.

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