Price of iPhone 6 plus:

As its name suggests it is an Apple product, Apple is the world’s biggest and most expensive brand in the whole world. iPhone 6 plus price is $499 only. It was the best mobile in the market when it was launched. Still, it’s market value and its demand is so high in the world market. As I have mentioned above, it is a branded mobile, and apple brand do not need any introduction. All over the world, it is irreplaceable. They are the only company which has introduced the IOS system in mobile. The user of IOS mobiles won’t be satisfied with any other system. It is the best selling brand in the world, its accessories are also available on Apple stores. The features of this mobile have remarkable and look too much in-front of its price.

iPhone 6 Plus Price

Specification & Review:

Apple might have moved to iPhone 7, 8 and X but the demand of iPhone 6 plus won’t decrease. People still love to buy iPhone 6 plus, because of its flawless features, like its RAM efficiency ROM storage, its battery timing, its stylish body and all of the above its cameras. Its 6.22-inch glass body, with a 5.5-inch large display with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels, gives the extra real image. The oleophobic coating provides great protection to the mobile. Its 1GB RAM provides efficiency to its working and it has16,64 and 128GB ROM. Among all these features its main trait or main feature is its camera, its 8MP back camera has dual flash, for extra bright pictures even in the dark, its front selfie camera is 1.2MP, don’t take it too low, it has a fabulous result, that no one believes. It has 2915 mAh battery too.

Comparison Between Price & Its Features With Others:

This iPhone 6 plus has launched in September 2014, in the same year Samsung launched Note 4, Sony launched Xperia Z3, and Google launched Nexus 6, if we combine all the features of these launches mobiles iPhone will stand on top of them all, because of its grace, its style and along these apparent features its camera result, its working and its battery timing is not worthy to compete with these other devices. Xperia Z3 has a 5.2-inch display, while 6 plus has a 5.5-inch display. Z3 only supports 16 and 34GB ROM while 6 plus supports 16, 34 and 128GB. Nexus 6 also won’t support that much ROM. Similarly, the iPhone 6 plus price is $499, while the price of Xperia Z3 is $999.78 and price of Nexus 6 is $699, they are giving less modified mobile in such a great amount.

iPhone 6 Plus Price

iPhone 6 Plus Price & Review:

The new iPhone 6 plus price is $499, while you can get used iPhone 6 plus in $250 in excellent condition. Among all these good features which are mentioned above its market value is also very high and good. Its re-sale is also very profitable. It is good, in fact, the best mobile to have. Its battery time, it’s working and it’s all features and specifications all add stars on this mobile device. In too much less amount they are offering the best of the best brand’s mobile, which is top of the list of best brands in the world. Apple is the name of style, luxury and its an attitude, it is the symbol of wisdom. To have such a thing in your hand or pocket is enough to show your status. It is the best choice to mark your status in the world.

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