How To Create iCloud Email Address

What is iCloud?

  iCloud is a storage account, offered by Apple for all devices like iPhones, Macbook, iPad, iPod, etc. This account was launched on October 12, 2011, by Apple. The main purpose to build this account is to store data and for the safety of data. Icloud provide 5GB storage for free, but by upgrading your account they offered a large storage tank of 50GB, 300GB, and 2TB. It provides safety to data in a very convenient way, that no one can erase or mess with your store data. No one can use your phone without entering your iCloud id and password. So it is the best thing Apple has introduced to secure data and to store a lot of data. It is necessary to create an iCloud email account for all Apple users to avoid the loss of important data and find your device in case of loss or theft.

What Is iCloud?

How To Create iCloud Email Account:

  It is very simple to create an iCloud email id. It will be for all Apple devices like iPhones, iPods, PC, Mac, and touch iPods. You can store data like documents, music, videos, pictures, movies, and a lot more. Follow the below simple steps to create an iCloud email address:

  • To initiate your icloud email id, you need to get your Apple device.
  • Then go to the settings
  • Tap to sign in
  • Then tap to don’t have an Apple id or forgot it 
  • Tap create an Apple id
  • After that provide the data what they ask, like date of birth, email, password what you want to set
  • Now enter the device passcode
  • Click merge if you want to merge your data with icloud, if not then click ‘Cancel’.
  • In the second section of Apple id page there you see icloud,  click it and select data that you want to get stored.
Create iCloud Email Address

Importance Of iCloud Email Address:

  For every Apple user, it is essential to create an iCloud email because the main purpose of Apple to provide iCloud is to give easy access to your data, whatever Apple device you are using. You just need to open your device settings and click to sign out then you can add your new iCloud email id and get access to your data. iCloud provides 5GB of free storage space for back up your data and apps as I have mentioned above. Having an account on iCloud is the best thing Apple has introduced for its users. This iCloud not only store data but provide easy share too. You can share your data like pictures, videos, movies, apps, etc with your family and friends. This account also gives your location, you can locate your device if you lost it somewhere.

Create iCloud Email Account

Why One Create iCloud Email?

  Apple offers a lot of deals and large storage on upgrading the account, almost some space for free, they provide storage of 50 to 2TB for their respective users. It also provides safety and easy share facility. No one can open your iPhone device without entering iCloud email and password after a factory reset (only if you are on the find my device option). This provides extra safety to your device as well as to your data. Moreover, iCloud provide the location of your device too. So to create an iCloud email is very essential for all Apple users.

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