What Is Icloud?

ICloud is online storage given by Apple to its users. It works quite similar to google drive and Dropbox. Initially, when you make an Apple Id, you will automatically get 5GB storage on iCloud but it can be upgraded to 200 GB or 2TB on your desire. Using this iCloud you can securely save your data on the additional storage and can access it anywhere whenever you want. Moreover, you can access your data on any of your Mac device connected with the same iCloud account. Not only files or photo can back up but may apps also back up to iCloud. In this article, our target of discussion is how to access iCloud photos when they are already there. But before that, it is necessary to share with you how to upload them first.

how to access icloud photos

How To Upload Photos To Icloud From Iphone?

For this, you just have to manage an Apple ID or account for your device. Furthermore, you have to open the settings and click on the icloud option there. This will show a drop-down menu. For there, scroll it down and click the backup option. After that, Wait for it until the backup ends. Moreover, do make it sure that the phone is charged and flight mode is also helpful to avoid distractions. Likewise, photos, apps, files or any sort of documents can be stored securely on iCloud. So your data when synchronized with your storage you can open it by visiting iCloud.com. Moreover, you will see upload, download and delete options. By just clicking you can produce any change.

How to Access Icloud Photos From Any Apple Device?

Let us now move to the targeted topic: How to access iCloud photos, To access ICloud photos you have two dimensions: whether to access from another device or the same device. It does not matter you are using the primary or secondary device, you just have to tap on settings. The setting is a grey icon with a gear on it. Just scroll it down and click on photos and camera. Check the iPhone photo library option. Moreover, two options naming” Optimize iPhone storage” and “Download and keep original” can be seen. Actually, the iPhone saves your low-quality photos to the phone and high quality to icloud thus saving memory. So optimize iPhone storage will be best. Furthermore, if you are using Mac Desktop you can access the photos by signing in to ICloud.com.

Can I access my Photos Through windows?

One question arises in mind, how to access iCloud photos using windows, is this possible? Yes, you can access your photos using windows. However, you have to install iCloud windows installer. Download, install and accept the license. Moreover, you have to wait for installation. When it gets installed just run the iCloud on your Pc. In addition to this sign in with your Apple ID which is already used in Apple device. Check the option you want to add in the drop-down menu. Also, when the setup ends just look for iCloud photos folder. Here you can make amendments like adding or deleting photos. The changes will automatically appear in all of your devices using the same Apple ID.   

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