WhatsApp is one of the top listed free talk and text app. It has various features like we can have a video chat and we can text messages. Moreover, the privacy policy if this platform is stiff to some extent. Further, it has many other features as starring a message, message details, mute a conversation, status, and hide the status and unseen the seen. Also, if one has sent a message he can delete it before the recipient gets online. The various group in the form of a company can be created where the group fellows can have a common talk. On the other hands, by mute the conversation option we can mute the conversation of WhatsApp if we are feeling busy. Furthermore, if your phone is going under much burden you can turn automatic videos and photos saving feature off.   

Free Talk And Text App

Facebook The Famous Free Talk And Text App

Facebook is a social networking app created in the last half of the nineteenth century. It provides many features other than talk and text. Moreover, it has an associated app of messenger which has limited features. You can add different events as a remembrance on it. Further, the timeline feature is allowing you to stay connected with the posts and activities which your friends are doing. Also, you can check the relations between the people and see their marital status. In Addition to this, whenever you want to add someone you can check their interests and work from their public profile. You can write a post and comment on the friend’s post using Facebook timeline. You can mention someone in any of your writing by which he or she is notified. Just like a mobile, you have an inbox and the data that have been sent and received.

Free Talk And Text App


Twitter is also a free talk and text app and abundantly used by political bodies. Moreover, this social network is mostly used for responding to many public problems by the leaders. It has a sidebar menu where users can check their profile and change settings. By notification filtering, you can select the accounts from which you don’t want to receive information. Even you can mute specific keywords and phrases and can choose their time limit. Twitter hides potentially abusive tweets from low-quality accounts. Twitter offers keyboard shortcuts to help you easily manage your account. You can pin any of the tweets of your interest and can reach it more effectively. You can attach up to 4 images with your tweets and can tag as many as 10 people.

Free Talk And Text App Twitter

Skype The Best Free Talk And Text App

Skype is also a free talk and text app. It is widely used for making video callings and it has many other functionalities as well. Moreover, you can experience crystal clear audio and video calling over Skype. Furthermore, it can easily work on tablets, PC, Xbox and Alexa. You can keep your personal conversation private with end-to-end encryption. Also, you can record the calls and live subtitles can be viewed. Especially, you can call landline and mobiles using very lower rates. However, skype credit is helpful but the Skype numbers are available for 26 countries. Surprisingly, Skype can be synced with the online messaging app. But one thing keeps in mind that, it is not the replacement of our phones so it cannot be used for emergency calls.

Free Talk And Text App Skype
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