Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike Complete Review

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SuperBike Introduction

Time-saving and fast traveling is always a top priority while journeying. For this, different vehicles are used having different shapes and capabilities. We have four tire cars and heavy wheelers truck for expanded loads. But it is annoying listening to a 4 wheel motorcycle. Yes, Dodge Tomahawk v10 superbike has four-wheel with the stamp of a superbike. It was shown at North America Auto show in Detroit. Its design and fabrication took 6 months in total. Its manufacturing company is Daimler Chrysler AG. With the increase in bike lust, bike makers have started attracting the bikes using some unbelievable ideas. V10 engine in Tomahawk is a good example of such ideas.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Superbike, as the name suggests is not the only bike but with superb abilities. Dodge tomahawk is considered to be the fastest bike on earth. It is more like a car than a bike internally, but we can say it is divided in percentage between car and bike. V10 superbike will be quite difficult to be called a car or a bike in the first look. The engine is providing an edge to its speed because it’s much big in power than other bikes in competition. Tomahawk has two wheels at both front and rear and these wheels are sprung independently which allow it to counter steer during turns. Tomahawk design was suggested by Mark Walters, Chrysler staff designer. No test of this bike on the roads have published. Its copies had sold in the market for about $555,000 dollars. Dodge makers have called this bike a “rolling sculpture”, as it is not allowed to ride. Dodge Tomahawk is not legal to be used on roads. Each vehicle was hand-made and nine were sold to the public. Its makers have said that the bike can cross the speed of Dodge Viper easily if both are running against each.

Which is Better:Kawasaki Ninja 300 or Tomahawk V10

Ninja 300 is a sports bike but Dodge Tomahawk v10 superbike is a concept vehicle. The Dodge engine is 500 Hp, 8.3 liters 10 cylinder SRT engine which was made for Dodge Viper, a sports car. While Ninja has a four-cylinder engine producing 39 Hp with a supercharger. Tomahawk has a fuel capacity of 3.35 US-gallons (13.248 liters) less than 17-liter fuel capacity for Kawasaki. Dodge is giving a torque of 712 [email protected] RPM as compared to 24.40-18.40 [email protected] rpm for Ninja. The weight of V10 is 680kg which is 4.14 times more than Ninja 300. Ninja and Tomahawk have a seat height of 30.9 inches and 29 inches respectively. It has 296 CC displacement much smart than 8277 CC for Tomahawk. 

Dodge Tomahawk V10 SuperBike

Pros and Cons

Dodge Tomahawk v10 superbike is an exciting bike made by Dodge. Its speed and its specifications as believed looks unreal. Making a bike with four wheels was a weird idea. The thing which is questionable and many companies have also criticized that if Tomahawk is eligible to become the fastest bike than why dodge is refusing to give a speed test. This is the only negative point which has stuck in the minds.

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