Cell Phone Signal Booster For Home, Sure Call Fusion 4

Is a cell phone booster for home required?

A device used for communication is a cell phone. Apart from conversation through a telephone which requires a wire as a source, the technique of signalling through the air is under practice. In the process of signalling through the air, several distractions due to climate conditions will happen with the data carriers. Moreover, weak signals can be a problem for you. In addition to this when moving in a vehicle or living in an isolated apartment, signal access can be difficult. In the meantime, a device that might have the ability to strengthen your signals was required. Today, I am going to discuss a cell phone signal booster for home which can also be termed as a signal amplifier.

Cell Phone Signal Booster For Home

How is Sure-Call Fusion 4 For Home?

Sure-call fusion 4 for home is a superb booster, especially for home-usage. Whenever the outdoor signals are weak it can provide coverage of 300 sq-feet. The outside antenna is a Sure-Call SC-289W Omni antenna having a gain of 4dBi. It should be noted, Omni-directional antennas work in 360 degrees, receive signals from multiple cell towers and are best for boosting signals on many different carriers. Moreover, it works best when the outside incoming signals are moderate to strong. The indoor antenna is a sure-call SC-248W panel antenna. It is a directional antenna with a gain of 10dB. This antenna allows the reception to the aimed area and is mostly fixed to a wall or ceiling. The kit carries the cables to connect both of the antennas to the booster unit. It comes in variable kits where you can have an open choice to buy a cheap one or an expensive one.

Specification of sure-call, a cell phone signal booster for home   

In terms of dimension, it is 7.875 x 5 x 1.188 inches. Moreover, the booster has a gain of 72 decibels. Furthermore, its impedance is 75-ohm donor port/50-ohm server port. Coverage with weak, medium and strong signals is 300, 1000, and 1500 Sq-ft respectively. Furthermore, noise is 8Db and with a cable length of 50′ (SC-PolyH-72-ORA-Kit).  Additionally, the frequency is in the range : 698-716 / 728-746 / 746-757 / 776-787 / 824-849 / 869-894 / 1850-1910 / 1930-1990 / 1910-1915 / 1990-1995 / 1710-1755 / 2110-2155. It requires an AC input of 5-15 V with a power consumption of not more than 10 W.

What are the benefits and key features of Sure Call-fusion?

Surecall is a good cell phone signal booster for home. It can boost 2G, 3G, 4G LTE signals for 2-3 rooms of the home. Along with that, It reduces dropped and missed calls for all cell phones and cell carriers. Moreover, it has a durable metal housing for improved performance. Surprisingly, the noise figure is low and we can have a clear voice even in the industry. Furthermore, it has a high gain directional antenna and independently reconfigurable for each band. It also has the lowest Out of Band Emission (OOBE) to date. In addition to this, Surecall has 8 RSSI detectors for all inputs and outputs. In terms of territorial aspect, it is ideal to be used outside marginal signal strength of (1+ Bar) 

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