Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart Between Top Networks

Cell Phone Plans of Top Brands:-                     

Every mobile phone brand has its own plans, every brand is different from others just because of their plans. There are different mobile brands like Verizon Mobile, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, sprint-Mobile. Below we draw a cell phone plans comparison chart between top mobile companies by seeing their PAYG Plan that will describe which one is best. The comparison chart of the plans is divided into two parts, the first one in between T-Mobile and AT&T, and the second one in between Verizon & Sprint mobile.

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Comparison Between T-Mobile and At&T:-

Now Move to the first part of the cell phone plans comparison chart between T-mobile and AT&T. Both mobiles offer Pay As You Go plans.

In T-Mobile, they provide 30 minutes talks,30 texts for 3$ per month. For increasing in your plan, you have to pay only $10 per each. They offer the option of making a network by calling and texting where wifi is available. One of the best things is we can connect without any contract base system. They also offer to connect with a large community of America with LTE.  Also, they provide a 24-hour offer for just 5$ with a high speed of 4G LTE. In the Weekly offer, they offer 10$ at 7 days with a high speed of 4G LTE.

While AT&T give us unlimited data at a reasonable price in this offer we can use data services in highly 4G LTE speed with unlimited live streaming and game streaming. We have unlimited talks about unlimited texts for all of the month. They also provide some wireless devices. The best thing about these devices is there is no reasonable price having no contract any activation fee. One of the best offers is also having an Auto-pay system. An auto-pay system having some benefits for customers is a discount on the monthly bill. Auto-pay discount is 5$ per month on per line on monthly plans. They also provide a promotional Auto-pay offer, in which customers get more discounts on the monthly bill.

Comparison Between Verizon-Mobile & Sprint Mobile:-

The second part of cell phone plans comparison chart between Sprint Mobile & Verizon Mobile

Verizon provides Pay As You Go offer. The best thing about this plan is, there is no need for the activation fee, contract, credit or account for Pay As You Go offer. Verizon provides now many plans like 500mb at 30$ per month, 3GB at 40$ per month, 8GB at 50$ per month, and unlimited at 70$ per month. There is no discount on their plans, but the Company offers the discount only for prepaid plans. Also, now they offer a discount for the family prepaid plan which having five lines or up to five, they receive a discount of 5$, 10$ up to 15$ per month. Discount depends upon the plan that you have. Each line having their own allotment, in this way they are not allowed for sharing data.

Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart

While Sprint mobile also offers a plan of Pay As You Go. In Sprint Mobile you can use one plan for five lines, but every line will have its own allotment. I want to add further line then will pay 30$ per month. Sprint Mobile having offer an Auto-Pay system, by using this offer customers could get a discount of 5$ per month.


From the above cell phone plans comparison chart, we conclude that every phone company is best from their other own perspective. Some are best for family plans, some for cheap talk plans, some for live streaming and some for data coverage. So, the choice is yours.

Comparison Chart Between Verizon, At&t, Sprint & T-mobile

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