Boost Mobile Customer Service & Their Plans For Seniors

Intro To Boost Mobile:

This industry was established in 2000 in Australia by Peter Adderton. It is a wireless telecommunication industry, along with this they manufacture mobiles too. In the United States boost mobile established or founded on 23 June 2001, just after one year. In the United States boost mobile is working as a subsidiary of Sprint Corporation. The main headquarter is in Irvine, California, United States. From there, they provide service all over the US. They provide mobile phones and their network too. Boost mobile customer service is amazing and friendly, they work hard to serve their customers.

Boost Mobile Customer Service

Boost Mobile Customer Service:

  The Boost mobile wireless network already had competitors in the wireless industry. The US had T-Mobile, Sprint Mobile Corporation too. They are the top best companies in the US.  In order to compete with them Boost mobile has to give fabulous deals for their respective customers. In 2009 they start giving offers and amazing deals to their customers and gain the trust of 674,000 customers. Along with that, They have launched a monthly unlimited plan.  From where their graph starts getting peaks. Later they announced the new unlimited plan using Sprint CDMA network, at $50 per month. Along with, Side by side they start launching their mobiles, although they were copies like other brands like T-Mobile and Sprint are making, they also launched mobile in 2010 which was Motorola I1. From there they pick speed in their progress and spread all over the US and UK too.

Amazing Deals And Offers For Customers:

  As I have mentioned above the first offer they made is in 2009 and that deal clicked people and they join Boost mobile network, the 2nd deal was made by Boost mobile with the cooperation of  Nextel Communications, the deal has cost one dollar daily, and customers can get unlimited call minutes. Nowadays they are offering such amazing deals too. Like their 55+ plan is amazing. They are giving unlimited talk time, texts and 4G LTE data on Sprint just for $50. Also, They have monthly plans. The cheapest unlimited plan is $35 per month. In this plan, they are providing unlimited texts, data and talk time. Moreover, they are providing 10GB of data per line. For two lines they are $60 per month, and the three lines unlimited plan is $85, while four lines plan is $100 per month.

Boost Mobile Customer Service & Plans For 55+

Boost Mobile Customer Service Is The Best Service?:

  Yes, the Boost mobile customer service is the best among others, they are providing great deals and unlimited plans for their customers. Moreover, they are providing them with easy billings too. For their customers and their marketing, they are providing free mobiles. Plus, They have their website, you can visit that and can get free mobile. Furthermore, They are taking care of senior citizens and also the working stars that is why they are providing such amazing offers and deals. On the other hands, wireless companies like T-Mobile, Sprint and others, are also amazing but Boost mobile network service is not less than these above-mentioned companies. So, Boost mobile is not a bad plan, if you choose it over other networks, it will never disappoint and will provide its best.

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