Best Free CAD Software And Its Complete Review

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CAD Software

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. These designs have got much importance in Civil Engineering. When we are going to build a home or any machine, we need a proper map of each and every part which is going to be present there. CAD is widely used in making maps and also it has many other uses including its role in movies. CAD is enhancing development in terms of time and space. Means, we don’t need to make special models for the physical test, prior to making original. What we need is to just draw that building, or some part of a machine in CAD and analyze the effect of the environment and surrounding using Simulation. CADs are smarter in terms of time because the time needed for drawing is saved, which might be lost in the manual or handmade design. So, the CAD is actually successful planning before the practical There are many best free CAD software available in markets.

Best Free CAD Software

How can I get best free cad software?

There are numerous open sites giving the availability of free cad programs. Free Cad programs need no special installation or downloading process. But they are just like the other programs. We will discuss a few free programs used for CAD, Such as 3D Slash, Sketch Up and Blender.


3D slash is a simple and user-friendly program. It runs online through the browser but it is also available as a desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pie. To make 3D on it we don’t need to tangle in complexity but it is considered to be easy. You can also export your 3D models and work on them. With the 3D slash, one can export it to STL and 3D printed model can be obtained by a desktop 3D printer.

Sketch Up

Sketch up is a free online tool which has a nice and attractive interface. The important thing is that its tools are not spread on the 3D window but they remain hidden. It also allows surface rendering in a number of styles. Sketch-up comes up with its library, from which we can download 2.2 million models. Sketch Up features can be increased by adding extensions: which are sometimes free of charge. The capability 3D printing for this online 3D software is increasing approximately every minute. Sketch up is considered as the best free CAD software.


The Blender is on the top of the list among the 3D design software. Blender, as the name suggests, have vast blending capabilities. It is cost friendly and an open free source. Apart from 3D modelling, it can be used as a sculpting tool just like “Sculptress” (A sculpt making tool). By simple loading different images, we can just sketch the view and extrusion will make it 3D. Above all, the beauty is lightweight and its multifunctional abilities. Once you start to play with, it will show more than your expectation. This software is also difficult to handle due to its complexities and it will take time to master it. Thanks to its API python system which is user-friendly. A user can manage it according to his or her desire. However, blender is deep to study and easy to approach.

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