Internet a global network

The man has been advancing in the sense of technology and ideas from centuries. From the time when the telephone was first made, the study to develop a more advanced system was took under practice. Moreover, the quest to develop more was also there, which leads to the development of such a wide network which can have access all over the world. Such a network was called the internet and it got much appreciation and acceptance. Internet speed is categorized by “G” like 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, etc. Furthermore, as “G” increase speed to response increases. The advancements in the internet are shown by the word “G” as 4G for the fourth generation. And for your info that South Korea has the fastest net, 25.3 MegaBits per sec, for instance. In this article, we will compare the latest generation of the internet as our topic 5g vs 4g.

What are 4G and 5G 

4G and 5G are the 4th and 5th generation of the broadband cellular network technology. Also, they have many applications as gaming, mobile web access, IP telephony and much more. Moreover, 5G is fast as compared to 4G in terms of speed. However, the speed is more but the coverage is limited. Furthermore, the latency of 4G is between 200 TO 100 milliseconds less than the latency of 5G. So 5G can be called as a developed form of 4G.

5g vs 4g technology

How are 5G and 4G Comparable?

As the topic under discussion is 5G vs 4G so their qualitative comparison is as follow. 5G is currently reaching a speed 20 times more than 4G, according to a source. Moreover, the switching of both is Circuit/Packet. But the upper data rate value of 5G 100Gbps +, as compared to 20Gbps on 4G. The technology used in both is a combination of broadband, LAN/WAN/PAN. Bandwidth in 5G is much more than that of 4G. Not only bandwidth is enough to give 5G priority over 4G, but increasing bandwidth means less coverage. 5G is launched for devices which require much bandwidth in order to function normally. It should be noted, Both speeds have their limitations and beauties like coverage are dependent on Bandwidth. Furthermore, these networks depend upon how the consumer requires them and it is obvious that everything happens with some limitations.

Advantages and Health Risk Caused by these Signals

Due to the high speed of signals they have health concerns. Moreover, wireless documents state that 5G will increase the quantity if RF radiations in the vicinity if antennas. 5G has the potential to damage the eyes, Cataracts, retinal damage, and severe sweating. Due to electromagnetic radiations emitted, these signals prove as a source for the growth of tumors. According to research, the signals of mm and RF producers can cause bacterial growth, Cancer, and can damage DNA structure. Moreover, this research claimed that the addition of higher frequencies to already complex mix of lower frequency will contribute to a negative public health outcome. Furthermore, they can affect both mental and physical health. Additionally, two more research papers have said that these radiations are absorbed greatly in our skin and tissues. The researchers have warned the use of such high-frequency radiations before the proper exploration of their side effects.  

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