4 Wheel Motorcycle And Its Complete Review

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4 Wheel Motorcycle

The term motorcycle suggests that, it should be like a cycle or having two wheels but when we came with a 4 wheel motorcycle, the conception is quite suspicious. Motorcycle passion is incrementing day by day and new models are manufactured by renowned companies on nearly daily basis. Authentically, it should be called four wheel cycle due to four wheels. Yamaha, Bajaj auto, Kawasaki, BMW, and many bike makers are manufacturing quadricycle, a four wheel cycle. They are additionally called All-terrain conveyance or ATV. We will visually consider few models at a glance.


MWC.4 is a four-wheeled concept conveyance made by Yamaha. Having two wheels at front and rear, its comfort ability is more than a conventional bike. Yamaha has withal claimed that it has a seating capacity of two with enough space of placing some instrumentation with it. The conveyance is 105.51 inch long and 58.26 inch tall. This quadricycle is hybrid, uses gasoline as fuel and work electrically. Yamaha had shown this conveyance at Tokyo motor show. Yamaha MWC.4 is a good approach toward urban mobility.

4 wheel motorcycle

Kawasaki Brute Force 300

Force 300 has a base price of $4,299. Kawasaki brute is a 4 wheel motorcycle having 4-stroke. Each stroke is 65.2mm and single cylinder engine with electric start. It is 271cc with the seating capacity identical to a mundane bike. Both of the rear and front tires are tubeless. The bike has rugged and potent brake disc. Height, length and seat height are 75.4, 46.1-in and 33.3-in respectively. Maximum torque is 15.9 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm and fuel capacity is 3.2 gallons. Speedometer, odometer, clock, fuel gauge and coolant temperature light are the instrumentations installed. Brute is quite high-priced for a mundane buyer but it is a pride for Kawasaki. The company has launched many other models in Brute Category.

4 wheel motorcycle


Aeon Cobra is an ATV conveyance with a 346 cc Single cylinder, 4 strokes, and liquid cooled engine. Max power and Max torque are 15 [email protected] 8500 rpm and 30 Nm @6500 rpm respectively. It has an automatic gearbox with belt transmission type. CVT with reverse and centrifugal clutch are additionally installed. Front and rear have double disc hydraulic brakes. Overall height, length, and width are 50.8, 71.7 and 45.3 inches individually. The Cobra has a fuel capacity of 9.30 liters with both electric and kick starter option. It is available in black and white color.

4 wheel motorcycle


Access AX 600 has 4-stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder and 4 valves engine. A vertical cylinder with 608 CC displacement and electric start are present. Transmission is CVT with 2WD, AWD, and 4WD facilities. It has disc brakes with a wheelbase of 56.69 in. Fuel and Oil capacities are 21 liter and 2.9 liters respectively. The conveyance has a dry weight of 360 kg having Dual Arm with 5 way preload adjustable shock. Overall length, width, and height are 94.09, 47.24 and 59.84 inches respectively.

4 wheel motorcycle

Pros and Cons

4 wheel motorcycle, called as quadricycle are now becoming so common. People find it beneficial to buy this vehicle due to its low cost. Its cost is normally low because the engine capability is not as an ordinary car.   

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