4 Wheel Drive SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Review

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What Are SUV’s?

4 wheel drive SUV, abbreviated as sports utility vehicles are now very famous in the automobile world. Besides having high speed, they have an attractive look and a comfortable ride. Nowadays, SUVs are also used for racing purpose, and most commonly in Dusty and steeper lands. Furthermore, the engines normally applied to them are much powerful as compared to ordinary cars. But, their fuel usage is also more than small cars. Moreover, they have enough space for a whole family and allow more cargo to be loaded. For instance, many renowned automaker companies are making their SUV models timely. Out of which, Jeep Wrangler, and Land Rover-Range Rover will be our emphasis.  

Why Jeep Wrangler SPORT?

Wrangler is a nice, attractive, and a 4 Wheel Drive SUV. According to officials, during a race test with 35 SUV, it came out as a Motor Trend SUV of the year 2019. It has cloth made seats without any compromise in comfortability. Additionally, Jeep has 3.6 L V6 24 V VVT engine with standard engine Oil Cooler. Moreover, it has a 6-speed manual Transmission. Not only, it has 4WD but also, Jeep has Anti-lock 4-Wheel Disk Brakes, Vented Rotor at the front and Solid Rotor at Rear. This sports jeep has Normal Duty Suspension with 6-way driver and 4-way passenger seat, and the conveyance has 17-inch cross 7.5-inch Black steel styled wheels. Wrangler has a capacity of 18.5 gallons and can tow a max load of 2,000 lb. Combined Mileage and Seating Capacity is 17city/25hwy and 5 persons respectively.

4 Wheel Drive SUV

Why Range Rover Sport (4 wheel drive SUV)?

Range Rover Sport has a marvelous design and a comfortable interior. It has a capacity of 1152 liters comprising of 4 Seats and the rest for cargo like bags, for instance. No only 4 seats are permanent but, we can increase the no of seats to seven. As the rest of 3 seats are portable and can be removed in case of luggage. Importantly and surprisingly, a better safety gadget like a wrist band, which can be used instead of the key during unlocking, because handling the key might be difficult. Moreover, the SUV has the latest electronic air suspension which provides more articulation and poise. In addition to this, it has 5 liters 4-cylinder V8 Supercharged Petrol Engine which provides outstanding performance and mobility. PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) along-with the petrol engine can the Rover from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.7 seconds.

4 Wheel Drive SUV

Pros and Cons

SUVs have an attractive interior with advanced comfortability. In addition to this, they have a wide space for passengers and also for our cargo. For instance, folding, tumbling, replacing seats and rows provide more room to passenger. Soft suspensions and long wheelbase are adding gems to the comfortability of passengers. In other hands, hefty engines and more torque are enhancing the conveyance. In contrast to all these beauties, some complaint regarding these SUVs has also registered. Despite all the other facts, they eat up much fuel during a ride. Moreover, Durango can be a little bumpy on some road surfaces. The V8 engine is costly for an ordinary buyer. Despite this, one should prefer a V6 engine to get a better fuel economy. Not only, the inner is comfortable but also their outlook is appreciable. Even though their own weight is more but some SUVs like Durango can lift a truck equivalent load. So, before buying a 4 wheel drive SUV, you must read this article.

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